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About Us

NK Media is a leading digital media company, with many years of experience under our belt.

Our company has an international reputation, and we offer our services to clients from all over the world.

We have about 20 employees, each being an expert of their own field: content creators, programmers, webmasters, graphic designers, and digital marketing experts.

We know the importance of promoting a business online. Our vast experience and our wide audience of satisfied clients prove choosing us will help your business achieve the goals you’ve set.

“From 0 to 100 in 45 days” – is our flagship program, intended to leverage your business, whether an existing or a new one. This program will promote your business in the long term, and help you maximize your income from the digital world.


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Why us?

So, what sets us apart from the rest?

Thanks to the vast experience we’ve earned during the 10 years we’ve been operating, we are happy to present you with the most innovative program available in Israel!

We know that each business has different needs. Some sell physical products, other offer services, and some present the latest news. After meeting the manager who will accompany your project from day one, and after meeting our business development representatives, we will tailor the best program for your needs, decide on our course of action, and set out.

Also, once a week, we will provide you with full and transparent reports, draw conclusions, and set new goals – all to make sure we get the maximum possible out of your marketing campaigns.

After receiving your consent, we’ll start working on the project, and within 45 days, your business will have a new face online.

One of the most impressive things we do are the integrations we perform between the client’s database, website, and any other online platform they may have. These are among the most sophisticated methods we’ve developed, capable of self-monitoring and performing autonomous real-time adjustments to get the best out of your campaign’s budget.


Creation of organic and promotional content

We can write unique and original organic and promotional content, articles, banners, mailing list message, and more – on any subject, for any goal, and in any field, you choose.

Website management

Full maintenance and management of your website, including:

Order tracking, user flow, maintenance, promotion, troubleshooting for all WordPress, Joomla, and .NET website, and more.

App development and promotion

Characterization, development, and design of mobile apps for Android and iOS, to create the perfect user experience for your product.

Promotion of the app on social media and app stores.

Web, landing pages, and online systems development

Creation, development, and design of websites and online systems per client’s demand.

With the help of our development, design, and characterization departments, we will make sure your idea or dreams becomes a reality.

For us, even the sky isn’t the limit.

Partnership and lead generation programs

We can generate leads and collect data per your request through partnership programs we’ve created, which reward the partners for allowing us to create a basis for success.

We have an army of promoters behind us, who work according to results that will push your product or services based on the results alone.

Mailing lists and SMS marketing

Management and creation of mailing lists and SMS marketing lists.

We will match and design templates and content for your SMS & mailing lists, and we will make sure that your clients get personalized offers through small subgroups within the lists, which are based on user behavior. This will ensure the best results for all subgroups within each mailing list.

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Contact Us

  • Totseret HaArets 16, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 03-7260690
  • support@nkdigitalmedia.co.il